Chatback With Alexander Mendoza

Alexander Mendoza recently starred as The Beast in 3-D Theatricals Beauty and The Beast. Some of his previous credits include: Mamma Mia (1st national tour), Sister Act the Musical (1st national tour), Spring Awakening and Next to Normal (regional production-McCoy/Rigby Entertainment). I got to talk to him recently about his career, future projects and even Disney!

beast-300x493First of all, I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to chat with me. Can you
please tell us what the process was like preparing for the role as The Beast in “Beauty and The Beast?” (acting, prosthetic, costumes, etc.)

Playing the Beast has been one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences I have ever had as a performer. It was quite the process rehearsing this role without prosthetic’s or the body suit because I had to constantly remind myself that every choice I was making in the rehearsal space needed to be bigger. As far as acting goes, the Beast has been my favorite role to take on because I got to experience an incredible arch in the character’s emotion.

What was your favorite scene from the show?

My favorite scene would have to be where the Beast lets Belle go back to her father. It’s an incredible moment in the show because the Beast shows the audience that he understands what love truly is, which is selfless.

3-D Theatricals presents Disney’s Beauty and The Beast received rave reviews. From my understanding even Disney reached out after recognizing it’s success. Why do you feel this production was better received than the actual tour?

It is an honor to be recognized by Disney and that they are happy to have other productions of the show doing well.

What has been the funniest mishap you’ve had on stage?

During Beauty and the Beast, my Beast wig was caught in my cape and when one of the wolves went to pull the cape, the wig came off with it…So I ran offstage and our amazing Belle (Afton Quast) came up with at least 2 minutes worth of dialogue to cover me.

Speaking of which, it appears that you’re also a big Disney person. What are your favorite attractions at Disneyland?

I would have to say my favorite attraction at Disneyland is “Peter Pan’s Flight” It is so magical!

spring-awakening-400x271I remember watching you in La Mirada’s production of Spring Awakening a few years back. My husband even commented that your solo part in “Touch Me” was the best he’s heard. What was that experience like?

Spring Awakening was and is still one of my favorite shows I have ever been apart of. Thanks to McCoy/Rigby Entertainment for casting me, that show gave me more exposure then I had had in long time. It’s one of those shows that you build strong relationships with the cast and creatives and never let go of.

You were also in the touring production of Mamma Mia and Sister Act the Musical. What is the best/worst part of being on tour?

Touring is one of the most amazing experiences I have ever been apart of. I still think about all of the amazing places I’ve seen in the United States and Europe.mamma-mia-400x271

At what age did you realize your passion for performing?

I loved performing as a little kid but I didn’t realized how much I loved it until I was 15 and then it became a dream to do this professionally.

Do you have any pre-show rituals?

Before every show I make sure I say hello to everyone and then throw a little dance party in my dressing room.

You have a show called Chapter II at The Rockwell in LA coming up on March 28th. What can we expect to hear/see? Do you already have your set list yet?

It’s going to be a fun evening of new Broadway songs and songs from shows I hope to be apart of one day. I have a set list but it’s constantly changing. So we shall see what I end up doing.

What’s next for you? We would love to hear an album (hint)

Right now I have a few things I’m waiting to hear from but until then it’s back to auditions and focusing on my show.


You can purchase tickets to Chapter II featuring Alexander Mendoza at The Rockwell through their website at

-Ivan Steel

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