Chatback With Andy Huntington Jones

The prince is giving a ball! Andy Huntington Jones is currently on tour as Prince Topher in the fresh new take of the beloved classic tale, Rodgers + Hammerstein’s Cinderella. A proud graduate of The University of Michigan, Jones was a member of the original Broadway company where he understudied the role of Topher. I got to chat with him recently about the show, planning his wedding in the midst of a tour and his impossible, it’s possible moment!

Hey Andy! First off, congratulations on your recent nuptials. As a newly married man myself, I know planning for a wedding can be quite time consuming. How exactly did you and Audrey do it in the midst of a national tour?

Congrats on your wedding! Audrey and I were lucky to be touring through southern cities in the weeks preceding our Alabama wedding, so we were able to visit home just about every day off. Most of our planning took place over email. There were a few hectic days at the end throwing together last minute details.

Have you two gone on your honeymoon yet?

We were able to take some time off from the tour’s sit-down in Toronto and flew to Hawaii for our honeymoon. The costumes definitely got a little tighter after our week of celebratory eating.

Have you and Audrey done anything fun since arriving here in Southern CA?

Audrey and I are huge theme park enthusiasts, so we have already ridden the roller coasters and plan to go again on our day off. Although we both sunburn easily, we’ve checked out every beach within driving distance. We are taking advantage of living in Southern CA while we have the chance.

Please describe what a typical show day is like for you.

I head to the gym shortly after waking up (mainly to avoid showering twice). With all the partnering that we do during the waltz, I have to stay in shape or I will drop Cinderella. Living in hotels across the country means that most of our meals are found in nearby restaurants, so the lunch hour feels a bit like a scavenger hunt. The Segerstrom feels like a vacation because we don’t have to work very hard to find food nearby. After lunch, I’ll either rest for the show or force myself to do something tourist-y. I’ll get to the theatre about 45 minutes before the show and take most of that time to rev up for the show, which sometimes involves sitting on my butt and drinking coffee. After the show, Audrey and I will usually go home and relax our bodies and our voices, but after the last show of the week we’ll go out on the town.

How did you get your start in theater?

I started in community theatre when I was 9 and never stopped. I got a Bachelor of Fine Arts from The University of Michigan and have tried to work as frequently as possible since graduating.

What song did you sing when you first auditioned for Cinderella?

“With Anne On My Arm” from LA CAGE AUX FOLLES

As the tour comes to an end, what has been your fondest memory about being a part of this production?

There was a little girl that saw the show when we were in Dallas. She was very sick and passed away a few weeks after we met her. Her parents shared with us that she couldn’t stop talking about the show in those last few weeks. It was an overwhelming moment to learn how much of an impact the show had had on this girl. We have a unique opportunity to inspire our audiences, and we try to never forget our responsibility to show up and tell this special story.

Do you have a favorite scene, musical number or moment from the show?

Favorite moment I’m in: standing up to Sebastian in Act 2

Favorite overall moment (I happen to be backstage): when Cinderella transforms in Act 1

What has been your funniest on-stage mishap?

A few cities back I missed a step on the stairs while chasing after Cinderella with the shoe. I rolled across the stage and landed in my special pool of light. There is supposed to be a still moment then, but there wasn’t time to stand up, so I took my moment sitting on the ground before leaping up and running offstage. The adrenaline made my fall pretty painless, but I had a gnarly bruise the next day.

What’s your impossible, it’s possible moment?

Getting cast in CINDERELLA (my Broadway debut). I had only been in New York for a year, but I auditioned for everything under the sun that year. I didn’t do anything differently for my CINDERELLA audition, but the fit was finally right. It happened quickly for me, but it still felt like the impossible had happened.

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